A Few Words About GoCon

Go Conference was birthed from the idea that there are a lot of conferences designed for pastors and church leaders. They focus on lots of different strategies for leading and multiplying churches and raising up more leaders. And these are necessary and beneficial.


However, all too often, pastors return home after these conferences and get all fired up. They challenge the church to go out and share the Gospel and help grow the Kingdom of God. But they do very little (at times) to equip the laity of the church to actually go out and do this work.


Jesus gave us the Great Commission. It has 4 main components:

1. [As you GO] Make disciples of all nations

2. Baptize them

3. Teach them to obey  [Jesus'] commands

4. [Jesus] is with us always!


In this inaugural year for GoCon '22 , we hope to educate, equip, and help disciples of Christ embark on fulfilling the Great Commission.



"Therefore, go and make disciples." 


                                                                                           -Jesus, Matthew 28:19 

The Great Commission

In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus gave the greatest commission to his disciples. It is still prevalent today. 

And if he gave this command to all of his followers at that time, then it is still an active command for us today! Join with us and get geared up to serve Jesus in new ways!


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We want to educate, equip, and help you embark on the Great Commission.